Day of Directing Package


Wedding Event Planning Includes:

Unlimited phone calls, emails and texts.  A 70 page "Day of Directing" Client packet which walks you through every aspect of your planning and the step-by-step Bliss Method™ Worksheet.
Up to 3 meetings prior to the wedding (approximately 60-45 days out)where we will:


~ Review all four phases of The Bliss Method™ that you completed

~ Complete both Ceremony & Reception agenda worksheets

~ Provide solutions to any family or etiquette issues

~ Design the complete layout and flow of both Ceremony & Reception

~ Contact each vendor with pertinent information, provide them with updated wedding timeline, agenda and coordinate contact through the entire event.

~ Provide any assistance with decor and design ofd the event.

~ Creation of Wedding Reminder Postcard with crucial times, locations and schedule of wedding day to be given to everyone at the rehearsal.

~ Attendance at the rehearsal and run it completely if the Pastor wishes.

Onsite set-up & functions to include:

The Ceremony:

  • Setting up the unity candle/unity sand
  • Attaching Pew bows
  • Securing the aisle runner (if applicable)
  • Placement of the guest book and programs
  • Set up of the Memory Table (if applicable)
  • Complete management of the event
  • Pin on Boutonnieres and corsages
  • Assist any special helpers (readers, musicians, guest book & program attendants, etc…)
  • Confirm placement of rings
  • Line up entire Bridal Party (including parents & grandparents) and direct them down the aisle
  • Provide emergency management (sew on buttons, repair floral problems, & fix any issues that arise)
  • Manage Bridal Party including Flower Girl, Ring Bearer and Ushers
  • Clean up decorations from ceremony and take them to the reception (Unity Candle, Guest Book, any left-over flowers or decorations)
  • Assist the Photographer in making sure pictures after ceremony go quickly and smoothly
  • Get the Bride, Groom and Bridal Party off to the reception with all their belongings

The Reception:

  • Put on linens (if the venue doesn’t do this)
  • Set up table decorations (table runners, flower petals, crystals, completed centerpieces, candles, menu cards)
  • Set up gift table and place card table (if applicable)
  • Light any and all candles (if applicable)
  • Place the Guest Book and Unity Candle on gift table
  • Confirm all tables and chairs are in correct placement
  • Assist all vendors in being ready at the right time
  • Line up Bridal Party for entrance
  • Coordinate the reception and all rituals so that they flow seamlessly and vendors are prepared
  • Consistently check on Bride, Groom and their families making sure they are enjoying themselves and get them anything they might need
  • Make final payments to any vendors that still need to be paid
  • Disperse tips (if applicable)
  • Emergency Management (vendor no-shows, sick guest, unruly guest, popped buttons or seams, first aid, etc…)
  • Gather up all gifts and help get them into correct car
  • Assemble all of the Bride’s decorations and put into correct car
  • Leave reception hall in the condition it needs to be in
  • Return cake boards and vases on Monday (if applicable)
  • Return any and all security deposits to Bride or Parents (if applicable)

Day of Directing gives you the enjoyment of planning the entire wedding yourself while still having the assistance of a professional to make your dream a reality. PLUS, you save money. You can’t get much more Blissfully Simple™ than that!

This was the best money we spent. HANDS DOWN. I had no idea what we would have had to do without the help of Crista and her team. Needless to say, we would not have enjoyed our day as much as we did. You made my lovely Bride happy the whole time and for that, I am extremely grateful.
— A very happy Groom